Olivia Schwarz

Are you looking for a practical yet creative person to help you prepare your house for sale? Would your property benefit from a full or partial staging session? Or would you require guidance in choosing the right style for your new property?

Styling has been part of my life since I was a child. Coming from a small medieval town in Italy, I was influenced by a local interior designer & upholstery specialist, and by fabric and soft furniture artists from Florence. As a granddaughter of an artist, fully immersed in paintings, prints, and antique furniture, I learned the art of balancing styles to create modern yet unique spaces.

Moving to New Zealand in 2000, I had to leave the art and antiques behind, allowing me to appreciate new styles and to be creative with small budgets and great ideas!

Combining the love of styling with home staging is the perfect output of all my creativity and designing spaces that people love is what feeds my soul!