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What's the difference between Styling and Staging:


Staging is the art of furnishing a property to enhance and complement its characteristics. Staging is about telling a story that will connect the property to the buyers at an emotional or evocative manner. It's a perfect tool to use in empty houses or properties that furnished with decor that does not suit the targeted market and or the style of the property itself. 


Styling is the process of utilizing vendor's furniture and rearranging it to create a better visual for real estate market purposes. 

How do you know what service to use:

Get in touch with me for a  free appraisal, and I will guide you toward the best options for your property depending on budget, requirements, property style and market expectations.

How does  the Soft Furnishing  Package  work:

As always, the first step will be a free appraisal. After determining which rooms in your house we will need to focus upon, I will provide you with a list of items that you will have to "tuck away".Now you are ready to receive the Soft Furnishing Package.


Example - Living room install.

The install will be on the same day of the photoshoot for the best results.
I will arrive before the photographers and install cushions, rugs, faux plants, prints, throws and other small objects to enhance your furniture and create a "styled" look. You will then receive via email photos and a detail list of HOW TO recreate the same look on your Open Home days.
The soft furnishing package will be at your disposal for six weeks and will be collected by us after your last Open Home.


Why choosing a Styling Session and what to expect:

We highly recommend a styling session if you have owned and lived in the property for a long time.

Unfortunately, we all tend to collect and overfill our homes and unwillingly place furniture in areas where it might be practical but not aesthetically pleasing.

Styling is a hands-on process where your furniture will be moved, possibly from or to different rooms, paintings might change walls, family photos and personal objects will be removed, and a general sense of style will be created to offer a better window of opportunity for your photos to really grab the buyers attention.







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