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Interior Design

At Spacefully Yours we are passionate about transforming houses into beautiful, functional, inspiring homes. Our team is dedicated to creating spaces that reflect your unique personality and enhance your lifestyle. Whether you're seeking a complete home makeover or simply looking to refresh a single room, let us bring your vision to life. 


What we offer...

If you're looking to renovate, need new furniture, or just some fresh new ideas to revitalise your space, Spacefully Yours has you covered.

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Free appraisal via home visit or video call. You will receive the first draft of your Mood Board within 7 days from payment. It will be followed by a meeting to offer options to modify aspects of the board.

Intimate Interior Setting Styled by Spacefully Yours
Mood Boards

We provide personal shopping services for our clients, purvey furniture, organise deliveries, special upholstery and upcycling of unique furniture items.

HAWTHORNE © MichelleWeir Showroom
From overseeing the final stages of your new build to project managing a renovation, we can look after you every step of the way.
Interior Design - Project Management Services - Tauranga

Interior and or exterior colour consultation. From paints to flooring, window treatments and cabinetry, we can plan colours and material selection for the entire house. 


Mood boards for Interiors Tauranga

Pricing starts from: 

With 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry, I am delighted to utilize my interior design skills in creating unique spaces for the industry.

Restaurant Interior Design
Needing a new kitchen? Looking for help in designing your perfect space? Need recommendations to find the best kitchen solutions?
Modern Kitchen Design
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