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To style for our own inner Joy...

Studying toward an Interior Design paper the other night, and dwelling over the importance of choosing the correct color scheme for a bedroom, I was taken aback by the shallowness of it all. In this unprecedented times and surreal global lock-downs, the severity of the everyday news leaves little room for frivolousness.

I was therefore left to ponder the meaning of my work, my passion and the significance of interior design in everyday post COVID-19 lives.

Is it superficial to live in a space that is comforting to you? Is it frivolous to think about ceiling solutions, paint, bathroom renovation, new carpet or that new house plant in your collection of precious greenery?

It’s easy to depict all the above as insignificant parts of our lives, superfluous, unnecessary even, but the reality is that they are not. Interior Design is a primordial basic instinct we have as humans. From the beginning of times we have improved, embellished and upgraded our dwellings to bring comfort, beauty and joy to our spaces.

More and more I read posts from my fellow plants’ lovers of Indoor Plants NZ ,and what I see is that they all have itchy fingers and are waiting to be able to purchase a new baby plant to add to their collection. If looking after a plant helps them in their mental health, gives them purpose, makes them smile, is it a superficial need?

The Upcycled &Co page has reached new highs, never like now I’ve seen so many posts of finished projects. Are they all shallow people? I do not think so!

And especially in this critical times when all of us, in a way or another, have altered our everyday lives, businesses and human relationships, looking into improving what we can control, and creating a better surrounding for ourselves in my view is fundamental.

Budgets can be tight, perhaps would be best to weigh for major renos and expenditures. Allow the dust to settle and have a feel for where the breeze will flow, I get that, but small everyday things can be done to improve your environment, make a Spacefully Yours ! Last time I checked, dreams were free, so is Pinterest!So dream away, budget for the future and join the up-cycling revolution for the time being, but never stop improving your nest, because as you develop in a new you, so should your space.

Conclusion? Thanks to my philosophical quest for clarity, to understand the value and importance of my passion and work, I come to the conclusion that, while some of us are content to just be, others are inspired by their surroundings, dream of improvements and require beauty to feel content, at ease and in comfort. So the answer to my original question should be left to each single individual, without judgment but our own.


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