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How to select furniture that will outlast the trends!

Imaging a vacant property, maybe a brand new one you recently build for your family. How exciting will it be to furnish it? Very much, indeed.

The question is: are you ready to select the correct styles and furniture that will be an investment, and at the same time withstand the change of trends for the next decades?

So how is it done? I guess that everyone has their variation of this philosophy, but this is my approach on the matter.

Let's take a living room, for example. Start by giving an approximate "survival time" to each item you would like to install in this area. Why may you ask?

If I was to buy a sideboard, let's say, I would expect it to maintain it's attractiveness for at least ten years. Therefore I should look for a style that will last in time and be as contemporary now, as it will be in a decade. A sideboard could be either a high craftmanship classic, an antique or a more eccentric and exotic item that will POP out in your otherwise subtle decor.

But if I had three kids under 5, and I was looking for a family couch, I would know that a replacement would be required in 3 to 5 years. Therefore I would be more inclined to choose something that might be the IN sofa right now and not a timeless classic with a high price tag.

I tend to opt for furniture that is not necessarily confined to one specific area, a side table versus a bedside table, a console versus an entertainment unit. Doing so allows you to refresh your arrangments without having to purchase new items, too often.

If you buy interchangeable furniture, you will be able to update rooms and enhance them with cushions and throws to keep up to date with new trends. Moving items from one space to the other gives a sense of new and fresh. A side table from one room moved to the living room for example, or a sideboard from the spare room to the living area, an accent chair from here to got the gist!

And last but not least: invest in art! Not the kind of art that is popular and that you can cheaply buy in furniture stores and outlets, but real artwork that is timeless and unique.

So, when you have the impulse to buy new trendy items, focus on soft furnishing and small objects that complement your existing foundations.

But remember...less is more!!

........... Unless we are talking about plants, that is!..................


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