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Love your Home like never before!

The luxury to inhabit a Spacafully Yours is at anyone’s’s not about expensive furniture, designer items and glamour’s’s about good taste, a collection of life treasures and the balance between style and practicality.

In this time of uncertainty, when we are spending more time then ever at home, it's essential to create an environment that reflects your persona, a place where you are at ease, yourself.

I can hear you asking, how do I transform my house to be "interior design perfect" from my self-isolating bubble and with no means of acquiring new furnishing, home-wares or anything else as a matter of fact?

What makes a "styled home" different then the average home? The way everyday objects are integrated with art, plants, collectibles and placed just "so" to create a bit of drama, spice, engagement and draw your gaze to it...the attention to details and that curated feel.The presence of plants and soft furnishing to add layering and interest.

This is not something you can achieve by buying furniture in a rush, this is a process that takes time, love and patience. So here is how, one step at the time, you can start creating areas around your home that are styled " just so", that are a SPACEFULLY YOURS....and everything else will follow!

Spring Clean and Declutter session!

Well before the new popular gurus on TV became the new "thing",decluttering, garage sales and spring cleans were a common yearly event in just about every country....they just weren't "IN" follow that concept and spring into a Autumn Clean. Nothing get me going like buying a new fancy cleaning product or a new girly cloth, cause hey, why do things need to be boring?

Think about shelves, magazines, wardrobes and cupboards and address any area that can create a bit more space, light and order in your home.

Create a Corner just for yourself!

Have a walk around your house and look for your corner:

it might be perfect cause the view outside, or because is dark, of filled with light, whatever grabs your attention and makes you feel comfy!Find a chair, an armchair, a stool, a bean bag, anything you can relax on. Complete the corner by adding throws, cushions, maybe a wall shelve where to place items you like, and you relate to. If you have a few objects you have bought meaningfully, or presents you care about, display those, too. Add your guitar if you play, your books if you are a reader, your knitting bag if this is you. Now step back, grab your phone and take a shot. There, your Insta worthy corner is now ready. Use it as much as possible, eye it up while in other areas of the house and be grateful for it! This corner will be the inspiration to slowly style and transform the rest of your home to a space you will love, a reflection of you!

Style a set of shelves like a pro!

Ever wondered how to style that kitchen shelves "just so" or have a bathroom shelf perfectly curated? It's is a simple yet very effective way to create a space that feels "thought through" and where both yours & visitor's gaze will automatically be drawn to. So how is it done?

Start with placing larger items, then make sure to create some stacks, work symmetrically but not necessarily mirroring each half. Add greenery, plants are so very important to create a curated and trendy look . Just a vase with few green brunches from your garden can do wonders in a display! Mix ordinary items with art and objects of interest. Choose a predominant accent color, and use it as your pop of interest.

Invest is candles and essential oils

Even is this restricted times, when we can't go shopping to the most trendy shops, there are items we can pick up from a well stocked supermarket that will be more then perfect for your immediate need. A fresh and calming sent, from a Candle or Essential oil, can make the difference between a positive mood and a negative day. Our emotions are strongly connected with our olfactory sense and memories are sparked by it , too. So from Vanilla to Sandalwood and anything in between, finding your signature scent and making sure it's present in you life, is a key element for your relationship with your home!

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