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The value of Home Staging

Home staging is becoming more an more an indispensable service in modern real estate. Employing a professional to present your most valuable asset to the marketplace is as important as choosing your real estate agent.

You might ask, what is Home Staging?

Staging a house is the act of expertly furnishing and styling a property so it is ready for the real estate market and marketing campaign.

There are many different tips, tricks, and techniques for staging a house.

To present a property to its highest potential, a good stager will be highlighting its key features, creating a balanced and pleasing colour scheme, selecting and placing the right furniture and overall creating a feeling that the viewer will remember and most importantly connect to.

Emotions are what sells a house quickly. Numbers are important and so is the skill of your agent in presenting a strong marketing campaign, but nothing sells a house as quickly as a property that makes you fall in love with it.

So how to achieve such a strong connection? It is not just a matter of placing furniture, hanging paintings, and selecting a colour scheme for the decor. Is a matter of transferring passion from the doer to the viewer. Your stager must love what he or she does. It must come from the heart, it must have passion, involvement, and care.

Results prove time and time again, a well-presented property will attract more buyer interest, buyer inspections and ultimately a better price than a home that is not well presented.

Staging a property can be financially less of a burden than you might have thought and while prices can differ from stager to stager, also the value of what you are about to purchase is very different. Considering that the outcome of the presentation can be so drastically different I think saving on this service could be highly counteractive.

But if budget is a problem or you are a lived-in vendor, there are always other options to either part stage , style or even e-style your property to impress your buyers!

Lot's of advise is available on the big great web and endless amount of articles and blogs have been written. I always advise my self styling clients to start with a big decluttering session. This is by far the most important action you can take, alongside a spring clean! Attention to details such as tidy bathrooms, clean and ironed duvets, welcoming living areas and clean functional kitchens are also a great help and will create a better opportunity for the photographer to snap fantastic shots for your marketing material!

A clean fresh fragrance, flowers, and house plants together with some delicate touches such as a new throw and nice cushions can make a drastic difference to any lived-in home.

So, when it comes to preparing your home for the market, pretend it is your wedding day and trust the professionals to do their best! You would not have your wedding without hiring a make up artist and a hairdresser, so why would you sell your home without a stager or a styler?

If you want to have a non obligation chat, I'm just a click away and I'll be delighted to guide you through your best options! Also keep an eye out for our FB page, as we post inspirational photos, staged properties and pearls of advise to create a savvier and smarter vendor community!


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